Alarm Bells, Ex-dananananaykroyd To Release Debut 12

Alarm Bells, Ex-dananananaykroyd To Release Debut 12" 'Part One' March UK 2013

Who or what are ALARM BELLS?

Well.when influential 'fight-pop' band Dananananaykroyd announced their split, their peers breathed a collective sigh of relief. There would be no more stage acrobatics, splitting crowds apart for the 'wall of cuddles' or legendary sets that were so absurdly out of control that they seemed to be held together by kinetic energy. Little did we know that lead members were already planning a left turn on their next onslaught. ALARM BELLS formed in spring 2012, they were quickly showing off an all new sound. Processed guitars, ancient analogue synthesisers make a unique sonic texture and the kind of mock-grandeur delivery you'd expect from members famous for engaging in actions more irrational and dangerous than the last. Like a mix of the grooves and textures of 70's Yes contrasting with spartan Fugazi-esque sections, sitting against nauseating math-y interludes and choruses so dense and catchy they seem to come out of nowhere.

The first single is 'Speeding Ticket', a track that will be released around March dates with a video done like  an AOL webcast in 1999 and some one ripped it using windows 95 and you downloaded it from them through KazzA at 0.7kbps. It is a glitched-out, laser-fuelled live performance video harking back to a time when digital video was a mess of colour reduction and down-scaled interlace DivX conversions - a 56k dial-up nightmare.  It's the 2nd track taken from the ex-Dananananaykroyd band's first release 'Part One', a limited 12" available from their band camp page and some independent record shops.  It is being released in celebration of the band's first UK tour, taking in 5 dates around the UK in March. Having played a few small festivals and supported the likes of Bloc Party and Maps & Atlases, this will be their first solo outing - dates below:

All confirmed ALARM BELLS show:
Friday March 15th - JT Soar's, Nottingham (BYOB, All Ages show)
Saturday March 16th - Old Blue Last, London (Free entry)
Sunday March 17th - Cluny 2, Newcastle
Thursday 21st March - Stereo, Glasgow (Break Out Scotland show)
Friday 22nd March - Fresh Air Festival, Edinburgh