Adult. Streams New Single 'Tonight, We Fall', Taken From Forthcoming Album 'The Way Things Fall' Out 13th May 2013

Adult. Streams New Single 'Tonight, We Fall', Taken From Forthcoming Album 'The Way Things Fall' Out 13th May 2013

Seminal Detroit electronic duo ADULT. have returned with their fifth album, 'The Way Things Fall', set for release on 13th May on Ghostly International in the UK and Europe. And one month ahead of the release, they have a new single, 'Tonight, We Fall'

'Tonight We Fall' is a beating electronic track with glowing, reverberating synths and a characteristic gothic edge from Nicola Kuperus' compelling vocals. It's a perfect complement to first single 'Idle (Second Thoughts)', described by Bullett as the epitome of the intersection between "electronic elements with a sharper punk's a living, breathing concoction of analog instrumentation and electronic aesthetic, with a minimal diffidence that pushes and pulls."

The duo are also bringing their memorable live show to select UK and European cities in May, including London's XOYO on the 15th May. Full details are below.

When Miller and Kuperus re-entered the studio in 2012, there was no intention of making another album - they planned to record a 12" containing two new songs they'd written in 2012 for their return to live performance at the Detroit Museum of Contemporary Art. But it turned out that the time away from music had recharged ADULT.'s batteries, and then some. "We were apparently a dam that was ready to break," says Kuperus. "We were writing frantically, as if in a frenzy."

The result is a record that sounds both focused and coherent, flowing with a conceptual ease. "[The album] flowed efficiently and agreeably for us," says Miller. "We have never worked better together. We believe this is because we exorcised all of our demons through our past records, we have no baggage, we started anew. We left behind the self-conscious adolescents." And indeed, ADULT. have never sounded so self-assured, so poised, and so vital.

The songs are some of the most memorable the band have recorded - Miller describes them as "the closest we have to come to writing traditional 'pop' songs, even though we know they are totally mutants," and he's right on both fronts. From the whiplash synth lines of the opening 'Heartbreak' to the ship's bell sample that closes the record, the songs are full of the sort of memorably twisted melodies we've come to expect from the band. Analogue sounds predominate, and notably, there's no bass guitar at all: "This wasn't a conscious decision, but something realized at the end of the process."

The lyrics address issues that Kuperus describes as "personal and universal," illustrating themes of relationship-related fear and doubt with striking and occasionally surrealist imagery - 'Nothing Lasts' finds Kuperus claiming "I can see in to your mouth/ Down into your throat/ Straight to your heart/ Tears me apart", while the sombre 'A Day Like Forever' deploys images of time stretching and disappearing, and 'Tonight, We Fall' describes feelings as tangible objects that "stick to you, stick to me." The contrast between the reflective lyricism and the squelching analogue synth textures they inhabit creates music that's both deeply heartfelt and viscerally thrilling, something that's been a constant feature of ADULT.'s work over the years.

'The Way Things Fall' tracklisting:
1. 'Heartbreak'
2. 'Idle (Second Thoughts)'
3. 'Tonight We Fall'
4. 'New Frustration'
5. 'Love Lies'
6. 'At The End Of It All'
7. 'Nothing Lasts'
8. 'A Day Like Forever'
9. 'We Will Rest'
10. 'Rise & Fall'

ADULT. live dates
15.05.13 London @ XOYO with Light Asylum
16.05.13 Berlin @ Festsaal Kreuzberg
18.05.13 Brussels @ Magasin 4