Indian movie beauty Preity Zinta has hit back at claims she ruined the marriage of ELIZABETH director Shekhar Kapur and SUCHITRA KRISHNAMURTHY, insisting she has nothing to do with their relationship problems. Singer/actress Krishnamurthy accused Zinta of causing the breakdown of her 10 year marriage to the 61-year-old moviemaker, which ended in divorce last month (FEB07). After being badmouthed by Krishnamurthy to the Indian press, Zinta has hit back and is appealing to Kapur to publicly denounce rumours of an affair between them. Zinta says, "I don't know how I get involved in controversies. Where do I come into this? I've met Shekhar maybe five times in 10 years. He was supposed to make my launch film. But it never happened. But we've kept in touch and we've met up when he was in India. "In fact, I was supposed to have been directed by Shekhar for producer VISHAL BHARADWAJ in a film called MANTRA. That was the last I met him."