Prefuse 73

Security Screenings

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6th February 2006

Just as the ringing in your ears from the dense concussive cocktail that was 2005's Surrounded by Silence has softened, Prefuse 73 follows up with a masterclass in sliced-up break-dance noise rock. Called Security Screenings, this short album continues the evolution of Scott Herren's Prefuse alias into one of the most versatile and visionary post-hip-hop producers in the world. Inspired by the disillusioning experiences encountered in traveling whilst promoting his last smash, Security channeled this frustration and anger into something quite spectacular.

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Whereas Silence saw Prefuse productions paired with all-star guests like Ghostface, Aesop Rock, Blonde Redhead, EL-P and Battles' Tyondai Braxton, Security Screenings is a collection of the type of intricate instrumental material that slayed fans in the first place. A man of many styles, whether chopping samples, destroying synthesizers or trading beats it is certainly another Prefuse 73 sure shot. Whilst collaborations aren't the aim, Prefuse could not resist the delicious psychedelic beats that came together with Keiran Hebdan (aka Four Tet) or backing the vocals of Babatunde Adebimpe of Brooklyn space rock stars TV On The Radio.

On Security Screenings, Prefuse writes: "It's a collection of songs based on reactions to certain things that happened through the course of doing press, touring, and recording for the past year or so. It's not a follow up to Surrounded By Silence, but merely a transition between the last album and what's to come, the next one is to be completely different all together."

"God bless airport security in America and the countries that are a part of the "Coalition of the Willing."


1. the letter: "P".

2. with dirt and two texts - afternoon version

3. illiterate interlude.

4. keeping up with your quota.

5. no special bed.

6. weight watching.

7. when the grip lets you go.

8. always it's gonna be like that.

9. creating cyclical headaches. - with Four Tet (Keiran Hebdan)

10. Awakening to a.....

11. with dirt and two texts - later version with love

12. no origin.

13. one star and three stripes.

14. mud in your mouth.

15. breathe.

16. matrimonioids.....(for: Elivin+ Susana Estela)

17. We leave you in a cloud of thick smoke and sleep outro. –

feat. Babatunde Adebimpe (from T.V. on the Radio)

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