Rapper Pras Michel put a new twist on the charity ice bucket challenge by performing the stunt in North Korea.

The former Fugees star jetted to the controversial country last week (ends31Aug14) and he took the chance to douse himself in cold water in the name of a good cause during a visit to the city of Pyongyang, where many Western influences are banned.

Pictures show the musician being drenched with water buckets at the edge of a river, and he tells the Associated Press, "I thought I'd put a little twist to it. When we go to places, my crew, we stick out. You can tell instantly these guys aren't from this neck of the woods. But the people have been good to us."

He went on to nominate his former Fugees co-star Lauryn Hill and British royal Prince Harry for the stunt, which raises money and awareness for the ALS Association.

During his trip to the country, Michel also claimed to be the first American to tweet from North Korea, writing in a post on his Twitter.com page, "First #American to tweet from #NorthKorea very interesting place... (sic)"