The FUGEES star Pras Michel has no fears his group have been surpassed by THE Black Eyed Peas in their absence, because they are on a different level to the MY HUMPS chart-toppers.

The READY OR NOT trio are performing together and recording new material for the first time in almost a decade, and believe they are still the premier urban act on the planet.

But Michel cannot understand why the media is trying to create bad blood between the two acts, because they are fighting for the same side.

He tells London magazine Time Out, "I don't have nothing bad to say about them, they are what they are. But they're not the Fugees.

"It's like THE Beatles and OASIS - how can you really compare the two? Oasis are good, but they'll never be The Beatles.

"The crazy thing about hip-hop is that people just want to see beef between us... C'mon man, what we going to fight about - who has got the most socially conscious lyrics?"