A politician in Australia is urging recently-retired rockers Powderfinger to reform for a charity show to help the victims of the country's devastating floods.
The musicians played their last-ever show in their hometown of Brisbane in November (10), bringing a final nationwide tour to a close.
The band's native Queensland has since been plunged into a state of emergency after heavy rains battered the area last month (Dec10) and caused massive flooding throughout the region. More than 1,200 homes have been submerged and officials estimate the clean-up costs could exceed $4.5 billion.
The state's member of parliament (MP) Rob Messenger is hoping to organise a benefit show to help victims of the floods and he wants Powderfinger to return to the stage in aid of the good cause.
He tells Australia's ABC Radio, "I think it's a good idea, I've written to the premier asking for her support. This is a once-in-hundred-year natural disaster, Powderfinger is Queensland music. Queensland needs them right now... A monster concert headlined by... Powderfinger is just the medicine that the regional flood workers and victims need to recover and shake off the blues."