Portishead star Geoff Barrow has accused rock duo Phantogram of sampling a drum beat he created without permission.

The drummer features on a track by Jimi Entley Sound called Charlie's Theme and he claims Phantogram have used the beat on their song When I'm Small.

Barrow addressed the similarities by sending a message to the duo on Twitter.com, writing, "Just wondering why I'm playing the drums on one of your tracks? Any thoughts?" and they replied days later adding, "Sorry for slow reply. We're both big fans of yr work (sic)... Short version: our drums not taken from Entley record."

The British musician responded, "So you are saying that they are Not my drums and my playing on your 'When I'm Small' they are yours? Correct?"

Last year (13), Barrow accused R&B singer The Weeknd of sampling Portishead's 2008 song MAChine Gun without permission.