British band Portishead spent 10 years writing their third studio album, because they can only write music when the bandmembers are depressed.
Recordings Dummy, in 1994, 1997's Portishead and 1998 live LP Roseland NYC Live, helped the band gather a big fanbase in the U.S. and their native U.K. - but they disappeared soon after.
A decade on, the Bristol, south west England-based band are back with new album Third - and are ready to explain why it took so long.
Bandmember Geoff Barrow says, "(We need to be in an) incredibly miserable, unpleasant place to write anything.
"Our albums are born out of frustration, whether it be Bristol City Council, frustration with human's lack of ability to communicate with each other or whether you've heard some really s**t song and it drives you to write a better one. They're not born in a comfortable place."