Thirty seven year old actress Portia De Rossi has filed court papers to legally change her name and take the surname of her spouse Ellen Degeneres. The couple were married in August of 2008 at their Beverly Hills home but it has taken till this year for the actress to file a name change petition. The documents were signed by Portia in March and filed at Los Angeles Superior Court, where the official hearing into the matter is set to take place on 23rd September.
PORTIA DE ROSSI is probably best known for her parts in TV sitcom Ally MCBeal where she played Nell Porter or her part as Lindsay Bluth in Arrested Development. The Australian born is no stranger to the big screen either with parts in Sirens, Scream2 and Stigmata in her portfolio, she is currently working on the movie version of Arrested Development which is due for release in 2012.