Newlyweds Portia De Rossi and Ellen Degeneres upset a host of celebrity pals by uninviting them to their summer (08) nuptials.
DeGeneres has revealed the gay couple had originally planned to turn their big day into a star-studded affair, but the pair scaled back when word leaked about the ceremony.
The comedienne instructed wedding planner Mindy Weiss to alert friends the wedding would no longer be a big bash, and the couple instead wed at their home, surrounded only by family and close friends.
DeGeneres says, "We had 150, 200 people originally, we were gonna do a huge wedding and then at the last minute, we called her (Weiss) and said, 'Please call and uninvite everybody because we just can't do it; it's too stressful.'"
But the decision left some pals upset - because they thought they had been snubbed.
The comedienne adds, "We got calls from certain people thinking they were the only ones uninvited... They were offended."
DeGeneres insists she and her partner made the right decision: "We did the right thing - we only asked, like, 21 people."