Comedienne ELLEN DeGENERES was petrified when she entertained girlfriend Portia De Rossi's family over the Christmas holidays, because she'd only just embarked on her romance with the actress.

DeGeneres and the former ALLY McBEAL star had to face the ordeal of hoping their respective families would approve of one another almost immediately after they met.

The funnygirl says, "At Christmas, Portia and I had just met. Her brother and his wife, who I'd never met before, came over to spend Christmas with us, along with my brother, his girlfriend, and my mother.

"It was a recipe for disaster: no one knew one another. I didn't know if they'd click.

"But in the end, it was a really lovely day, just seeing my brother and her brother getting along. It's what you picture when you see a scene in a movie and go, 'Oh, wow, that looks nice.' You feel like you've successfully made a lovely home."

23/05/2005 03:18