AMERICAL IDOL and Pop Idol's 'Mr Nasty' Simon Cowell got a little of his own treatment when three of America's top racing drivers were invited to critique his speed skills for a recent TV surprise. Cowell was on the other end of a stinging attack after taking to the track at race ace MARIO ANDRETTI's racing school in Las Vegas, as part of an interview for news show 60 MINUTES. The Brit got behind the wheel of an IndyCar for the first time and beat CNN newsman ANDERSON COOPER, who was interviewing Cowell for the show. The TV personality was pleased with himself after the race - until he realised his driving was about to be judged by Andretti himself and NASCAR racing stars MICHAEL WALTRIP and KURT BUSCH. Daytona 500 champion Waltrip said, "It's just so sad that a man who wants something as bad as you do looks like a drunk going to get more liquor... You're terrible." But Waltrip couldn't keep up the joke on Cowell, adding, "Look at your shoes, they're terrible."