British Pop Idol winner Michelle McManus is facing the end of her pop career - after her second record only reached number 16 in her native singles chart.

The ALL THIS TIME singer - who was backed by acid-tongued judge SIMON COWELL in the last weeks of the talent contest - failed to repeat the success of her first single, and insiders predict she will now be dropped by her record label.

And many insist Michelle - whose weight was the subject of cruel taunts in the British press - just doesn't have the right image for the highly-competitive pop industry.

A source says, "Everyone who works with Michelle is dejected. It was always a gamble as to whether she could cut it or not being the size she is.

"You will not see another single being released by Michelle McManus. Her short-lived trip into the world of pop is over and she's on a one-way trip back to reality."

12/04/2004 01:56