Pond Release New Single 'Xanman' Out  August 5th 2013

Pond Release New Single 'Xanman' Out August 5th 2013

The second sonic onslaught from the forthcoming album by Pond is called 'Xanman', and it's out today worldwide. Ripped off their fifth album 'Hobo Rocket' (out August 5th in the UK through Modular), the song has long been a part of their notoriously wild live show

'Hobo Rocket' is the fifth LP from Perth, Australia based five-piece Pond. Made up of Nick Allbrook, Jay Watson, Cam Avery, Joseph Ryan and Jamie Terry, the band set out to make a record that captures a portion of rock music's great, decadent history through a personal lens. Known for their brutally raucous live shows, Pond have captured that intensity on record, cramming as much loose, live emotion into a 40 minute album as possible.

'Hobo Rocket' will be out August 2nd (AUS), August 5th (UK/EU), August 6th (USA).

2012's 'Beard, Wives, Denim' is available via Modular Recordings.