Pond Announce New Album 'Man It Feels Like Space Again' Out 26th January 2015

Pond Announce New Album 'Man It Feels Like Space Again' Out 26th January 2015

On the 26th January 2015, the world will get to experience Pond's new album, 'Man It Feels Like Space Again'

Hailing from Perth, Australia, POND formed in 2008 as an all-inclusive, ego-free collective spawned from numerous other interlocked bands and projects: Mink Mussel Creek, Allbrook/Avery, and Tame Impala.

Over a couple of months Nick, Joe, Jay, Jamie, Lukas, Cam and a parade of friends and well-wishers cobbled together a mountain of tape that was stitched up to become POND's sixth studio album. "It had already been worked out," Nick Allbrook notes, "but in the spirit of impulsiveness and lunacy it got shattered and scattered and pissed on and blow-dried in a small studio in Collingwood, Melbourne."

'Man It Feels Like Space Again' lives up to the inherent wonder in its title, a sweeping collection of warm, warped psychedelic gems. It brings to mind the work of The Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, mid-'70s Lennon, MGMT, Todd Rundgren, Supergrass and any number of other genre-hopping sonic/space-explorers.

In its 45 minutes, the album covers an extraordinary amount of ground. Opener 'Waiting Around For Grace' sounds like an FM pop hit beamed in from a nearby planet, all wonky propulsion and giddy hooks - the perfect opening blast. Lead single, 'Elvis' Flaming Star' stomps like a '70s glam band coached by Bowie, before collapsing into and out of a mid-tune daydream.

Elsewhere on the record there are blissed-out ballads ('Sitting Up On Our Crane', 'Holding Out For You'), twisted, futuristic raves ('Zond'), lysergic epics drenched in reverb ('Heroic Shart'), and the gorgeous 6/8 classic 'Medicine Hat'.

By the time you hit the finale: the out-of-control, ever-shifting eight-minute title track, it definitely feels like space. again, man.

'Man It Feels Like Space Again', out 26th January 2015.
'Man It Feels Like Space Again' - Album Track listing:

Waiting Around For Grace
Elvis' Flaming Star
Holding Out For You
Heroic Shart
Sitting Up On Our Crane
Outside Is The Right Side
Medicine Hat
Man It Feels Like Space Again