Australian band Pond take a moment to relax and chat to at London's FIELD DAY Festival after gigging in Belgium and preparing to hit the road for Bristol's Dot to Dot Festival .

When we caught up with Cam Avery, Jamie Terry and Jay Watson, they discussed the meaning behind their latest album 'Beard, Wives, Denim', their other music project Tame Impala and how to make the ultimate devil horn.

On mentioning the March-released album by name, Jay giggled. 'Anytime anyone says that it makes me laugh!' He says. Jamie adds, 'Everyone says 'Beards, Wives, Denim' - there's only one beard!' Jay, still grinning in a childlike way, remarks that the reason he was laughing was because he found the name amusing. When we asked why he simply said, 'It's funny!' before Jamie cut in with the real reason: 'It's supposed to be when you go back to your roots.

As well as having a hippy name, the album was recorded in quite a nature friendly environment. 'We did manage to record on a farm', says Jamie. 'In a shack.' Not the most conventional place to record an album but for a band that have just performed a DJ set in a nightclub set up in the woods in Brussels, there's not much about this band that you can't say is original!