Cult rockers THE Polyphonic Spree's frontman TIM DeLAUGHTER was arrested at a pre-tour party for the band - and spent the night in jail.

The 24-strong collective were poised to begin a North American tour to promote debut album THE BEGINNING STAGES OF... when police were called to a bash in Dallas, Texas, following complaints about noise.

Several other members of the group were arrested and spent the night behind bars and DeLaughter faces charges of public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

He says, "We were just having a party that would kick off our US tour. My brother lives in this loft downtown and he said he had this room we could rent, so we rented it and just had a major throwdown and it turned into this huge party that went into overdrive.

"(The police) marched in and started handcuffing everybody, taking us all downstairs and arresting us, charging us with public intoxication. But we weren't even in public until they brought us out there! It's really kind of a weird situation."