Bubba Smith, the American football star who went on to play 'Hightower' in the comedy franchise Police Academy, has been found dead at his home in Los Angeles. Known for his towering presence, Smith spent nine seasons in the Nfl before enjoying a prolific career in film and television, reports the New York Times.
The cause of yet death is not yet known, but a spokesman for the Los Angeles County coroner's office confirmed, "There is no indication of anything other than natural death". A 6-foot-7 defensive linesman, Smith helped the Baltimore Colts to Super Bowl victory in 1971, defeating the Dallas Cowboys 16-13. After brief stints with the Oakland Raiders and Houston Oilers, he retired in 1976 and made the foray into film. Bubba starred in the short-lived crime series 'Blue Thunder' before appearing in 'Charlie's Angels' and 'Married with Children', however, he is best known for his role as Moses Hightower on 'Police Academy'. A mild-mannered cop famous for his gigantic size, Hightower turned his back on a career in floristry to join the force. The original 1984 movie and its many sequels followed a misfit team of police offers, headed by Steve Guttenberg's character 'Carey Mahoney'.
Information concerning Smith's survivors is not yet clear, although his brother Tody was also a star of the Nfl, playing for the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills.