Poison will take a year off in 2012 so BRET MICHAELS can resume work on his solo career.
The rock group is currently touring with Motley Crue, but the singer reveals the band will go on hiatus at the end of the year (11).
Michaels is adamant Poison fans won't have to wait long for their return - the band will be back in 2013 to work right up until its 30th anniversary in 2016.
He tells Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "Next year, I'll be out solo again and we'll come back in '13 and go all the way to our 30th anniversary."
However, the star insists Poison is still his number one priority: "I've never looked at Poison as a sideline, it's just that as we got to a certain point in our career, I needed to fulfil much more of what I got into it for. I'm very passionate about creating and touring and doing stuff."