Unlucky Poison guitarist CC DeVILLE had his house burgled on Sunday (23OCT05) - just a day before being sentenced to 80 days behind bars for drink-driving.

The musician, real name BRUCE JOHANNESSON, discovered the theft when he returned home from a business trip on Sunday morning. He immediately noticed that up to 30 pieces of expensive musical equipment were missing and suspects the culprit may be a close friend.

He says, "This has been a difficult year for me. I have struggled with my alcohol addiction and sought and completed treatment. Then to return home only to find it had been maliciously violated.

"Unfortunately the finger points to someone I have graciously allowed in my house and life. This saddens and disappoints me greatly."

He adds, "Not only do these guitars represent a large financial loss to myself, but they are also a damaging and hurtful loss to Poison and all of its fans.

"I'm doing my best to think of this as a test to my hard-earned sobriety. It's a test I do not intend to fail. It is, however, made more difficult by the fact that my feeling of safety is gone. And that I have lost some very gifted friends in my guitars."