The 53-year-old rocker was on the bill of a concert at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom on 1 September (16), when a cellphone and other electronics were taken from his dressing room.

Michaels' team took to Facebook to share an image of the two suspects, and appealed for them to hand the phone and other stolen items back within 24 hours "no questions asked".

“Guys, we have been extremely lenient and we are giving you one more chance to return the items taken from our dressing room at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom to attn: Sir Timothy Collins at the Hampton Beach Police Dept. by 6pm today Saturday 9/3/16 no questions asked,” the post read.

“You are captured on video and the electronics that were taken are worthless to you (locked and blacklisted making future use impossible). We will not negotiate and after 6pm today this will become a criminal case and you will be prosecuted for both criminal trespassing and felony theft of property - Team Bret.”

When the deadline passed, a second post on Michaels' Facebook page said the thieves will be charged with criminal trespassing and felony theft of property if the items aren't returned to police in the Hamptons.

No further updates have been given, so it is unclear whether the electronic devices were returned to the rocker.