Australian dance duo PNAU were honoured to be asked by music legend Elton John to remix his sound in a new compilation of some of his best loved tracks entitled 'Good Morning to the Night'.

In an interview with, Peter Mayes from the twosome revealed the gruelling process of recording and mixing Elton's songs, how their relationship with the superstar developed and their upcoming Ibiza festival appearance.

'It was incredibly exciting and a huge honour', Mayes said about the project but admitted that he was worried about it failing, doubtlessly half the reason why the album took so long to be released. '[In] 6 months, we didn't really do anything except listen and absorb the music. We listened to every single one of his songs.' He also explained to us the meticulous process of 'slicing' songs into individual notes which turned out to be the most time-consuming job in the project development. 'We didn't want to rush it', he said.

Elton's positive and honest attitude towards the duo not to mention open-mindedness about how they would reinvent his music made Pnau warm to the 'Candle in the Wind' hitmaker very quickly. 'I consider us friends and I'm sure he does as well,' Mayes muses. 'We have a really good relationship with him and he's been really helpful to us. he'll be there to give you advice because there's not really anything that he hasn't been through.'

So will their forthcoming appearance at Ibiza's 123 festival pave the way for a full tour? 'It's really hard to say if he would have time to actually do a full tour of this record,' he told us, to our disappointment. '[It's] not the easiest thing to recreate live.'