Playboy beauty Victoria Silvstedt's jealous husband has hired a team of minders for her to ward off unwanted interest from other men.

American TV newsman Chris Wragge has become incensed by his wife's close friendship with Calum Best, son of soccer legend GEORGE BEST - but, sexy Victoria insists her friendship with the male model is purely platonic.

She says, "I do have people to protect me when Chris is not here. He just wants to make sure I'm safe.

"Calum is a lot of fun. We'll bump into each other from time to time when I'm in London. But we're just good friends. I'm in love with my husband - he's the only man for me.

"It's hard for relationships to survive in this business. Above all, you need trust.

"I can't wait to see Chris but, because we are apart so much, each time we see one another it's like our honeymoon all over again."

23/11/2003 13:51