Army Sgt. Jeffrey Sarver has sued the producers of The Hurt Locker , claiming that the central character in the movie is based on him and that he received no compensation from the filmmakers. A statement issued by Sarver's lawyer claims that screenwriter Mark Boal based "virtually all of the situations" in the movie on his observations of Sarver or interviews with him and that Sarver had coined the term "the hurt locker." While Boal had indeed made Sarver the central figure in his original Playboy article titled, "The Man in the Bomb Suit," he told today's (Wednesday) Los Angeles Times that the "film is a work of fiction inspired by many people's stories." Boal also claimed that "the hurt locker" is "military slang that's in common usage. I heard it from lots of other people other than him." Furthermore, Boal maintains, he had invited Sarver to see a preview of The Hurt Locker in New York and that when it was over, he remarked, "Nice job." Boal said that he "didn't know there was a problem until recently, when the lawyers got involved."