Wrestling vixen-turned-Playboy pin-up Joanie Laurer has obtained a restraining order against her former lover after convincing legal experts she fears for her life.

Laurer, the wrestler once known as CHYNNA, says she's terrified of SEAN MICHAEL WALDMAN, aka wrestler XPOC, who she used to be engaged to.

In the court papers, Laurer claims their romance ended after the couple had a fight last month (JUL03).

She says, "The respondent got behind me and began choking me with his arm wrapped around my neck, and he wrapped his legs around mine so that I could not really move. I could not breathe."

Laurer claims she was left with marks all over her body after the fight, and now she's worried about what Waldman will do next.

She adds, "He has threatened to kill himself in the past, and I am scared to death of what he might be capable of."

Laurer seems to have gone into hiding after obtaining the restraining order at the beginning of the month (AUG03) - her agents haven't been able to contact her in recent weeks, and her website has been shut down.

13/08/2003 09:10