Fresh from her annulled marriage this weekend (03JAN04) pop star BRITNEY SPEARS has a fresh offer of romance - from Playboy magazine publisher HUGH Hefner.

Hefner, 77, well known for his love of women, is pursuing the 22-year-old singer in his current quest for beautiful blondes.

He says, "Britney would make a great girlfriend. PICASSO had his pink period and his blue period - I am in my blonde period right now. I think it's related to those early movies that had such a great influence on me when I was a kid."

Hefner would also like his prospective girlfriend to strip for a saucy shoot in his magazine - but if he can't persuade her, then he'd settle for movie star Catherine Zeta-Jones.

He explains, "They really epitomise the type of beauty that we like in the magazine."

07/01/2004 02:32