British rapper/singer Plan B has come under fire from fans and critics over his controversial performance in Ireland over the weekend (17-18Aug13) when he stormed off stage after failing to win over the crowd with his songs.

The musician, real name Benjamin Ballance-Drew, was performing at Slane Castle as the opening act for rap superstar Eminem, but he left the stage early after just a handful of songs.

Plan B reportedly raged at the crowd, branding them "c**ts" for their lacklustre response to his set.

Reports state the star also called the audience the "tamest f**king crowd of my life," adding, "You should feel ashamed. No f**king mosh pit, not one f**king mosh pit."

He then checked how long he had left to play and retorted, "10 minutes? 10 minutes... Well, we're only gonna play one more song cause we don't really wanna be here," before storming off stage.

The controversy has hit headlines in the rapper's native U.K., with critics accusing the star of throwing an onstage tantrum, while the story also created a buzz on, with gig-goers and fans wading into the debate over the star's behaviour.

One concert-goer writes in a post on, "Plan B was such a w**ker at Slane," while another adds, "Artists should remember who's paying at a gig, and who's being paid. You signed the contract, honour it."

Plan B has yet to respond to the controversy.