British rapper Plan B's directorial debut Ill Manors was thrown into jeopardy during filming in London when a day's worth of footage was stolen.
The star, real name Benjamin Ballance-Drew, stepped behind the camera for the movie, which is set in the deprived area of Forest Gate, East London, where he was brought up.
Plan B reveals the shoot was almost over before it began when a thief targeted the set - but he was determined not to let the assailant get away.
He tells MTV News, "Crackheads robbed the laptop with the days rushes on it and me and one of the other guys in the crew chased him down and caught the mother-f**ker and got the rushes back...
"I would have been very bitter (if they were stolen), it would have really messed us up as we didn't have a lot of money and I don't think we would have been able to reshoot that stuff, if we had have lost it. We had luck on our side that day."