Plan B is happy to be a spokesperson for England's unheard generation.

The 'iLL Manors' rapper is releasing his directorial debut film following the lives of downtrodden characters including a prostitute, a drug dealer and other disaffected members of British society, and is happy to stand up for the people his work portrays.

Speaking at the premiere in London's Leicester Square tonight (30.05.12), he told BANG Showbiz: ''I'll represent the people in this film. I'll take the flack for all of them, because I'm not saying I stand up for the bad things some of these people do, but I sympathise with it.

''These people have never been shown any love and that's the reason why they're like the way they are. I want to recognise who these people are from a young age, we can take them out of comprehensive schools and hopefully try and take them out of the bad environments they're living in and show them some motivation and love which they've never experienced.''

Plan B - real name Ben Drew - also said the film is meant as a wake up call for people to realise just what state society is in, and for it to help people realise what caused reactions like last year's London riots.

He added: ''I want people to believe that this kind of thing goes on and I want it to have an effect on them that makes them want to change things, if things don't change we're gonna have more rioting, and worse stuff than rioting.''

''This film is for human beings anyone who feels anything, who cares, who feels any kind of emotion, that's what films are supposed to be.''

Other stars to support the film walking the red carpet tonight included rappers Professor Green and Tinie Tempah, TV star Alesha Dixon, actor Stephen Graham, and singer Ed Sheeran.

'iLL Manors' is in UK cinemas from June 6.