Plan B was racially discriminated against at school.

The 'iLL Manors' rapper say he was in a minority of white people at his school, located in the Forest Gate area of East London, and was chased and had his money taken because of his ethnicity.

He said: ''I was a minority white kid in a majority black and Asian school. I used to get it every day. Chased by the Black Kids, just cos I'm white: 'Gimme your cigarettes, give me your money, y'know.'

''But I didn't turn around and join the [right wing] British National Party (BNP). I tried my hardest to understand why they were that way.

''I'd see where my mates were living in their council flats and how broken their families were and you kind of understood.''

Plan B - real name Ben Drew - thinks the British working class has lost its ''pride,'' contributing to the ills of modern society.

He added to Q magazine: ''They're not working class because they don't work. Because they get it off the government. There is no sense of pride.

''It's easier for kids to get a girl pregnant. It's easier for a 15-year-old girl to go, f**k it, I get pregnant, I can get a flat. How a 15-year-old girl can prioritise having a flat of her own but losing any prospects she can have, means she doesn't think she's got any prospects anyway. She doesn't value her future.

''You get kids raising kids, thinking, might as well get what tells me is important, which is my own house, widescreen TV and a microwave.''