Plan B prefers to date women who only want him for his fame because he doesn't have time for a relationship.

The rapper - real name Ben Drew - is currently working on his new album 'The Ballad of Belmarsh' and the soundtrack to 'Ill Manors' while also preparing for his role in new movie 'The Sweeney' and as he doesn't have time for a girlfriend he's happy to date groupies because "they're a lot easier not to phone back".

He explained to The Observer magazine: "A hot girl calls you up that you've been wanting to get with for ages and I'm like: 'I can't - I've got to sit in tonight and write a bloody song'.

"I don't wanna find the right woman yet because I'll probably f**k it up. So I'd rather go out with girls that only want me for my money or some ulterior motive because they're a lot easier to not call back."

While Ben avoids "hard drugs" he admitted taking heroin when he was 16 but panicking when he took too much.

He said: "I drink. I don't have a problem with drugs apart from hard drugs.

"The one and only time I ever done heroin it was horrible. I got really hot. I got cold, got itchy, felt sick - like all the withdrawal symptoms at once. I think I done too much."