British rapper Plan B has delayed plans to buy his own home in London so he could pay off his mum's mortgage.
The She Said hitmaker is keen to put his hard-earned cash into property, but he's been put off by the high prices in the U.K. capital - and has instead made sure his beloved mother is debt free.
He tells Britain's The Sun, "I wanted to make sure that my mum didn't need to worry about her home any more.
"When I first started renting, this guy from (estate agents) Foxtons was walking me around these flats in Hackney going, 'This is a really great two-bedroom place in a brilliant location'. I was like, 'Are you being serious? This is an ex-council flat, mate - the people next door aren't even paying rent. And you're telling me I'd have to pay so much?' If I can't afford to buy my own place, I can't even think about how difficult it must be for other people."