Plan B only has causal relationships.

The 'iLL Manors' rapper doesn't feel able to commit to any one girl as he is too busy with his career as a rapper, film maker and actor, and doesn't want the distraction of someone calling him all the time.

Admitting he keeps his relationships on a casual basis, he added: ''It doesn't sound too cool, but I'm very upfront about it.

''With girls texting me, 'Where are you? I miss you' What am I supposed to do in the middle of writing a bloody song? 'I miss you too?' 'What are you doing now?' Well, I'm writing a song.' 'Do you want to meet up later?' 'Well, I'm not sure.' F***ing phone beeps off. I'm married to my career. If I had a girlfriend I'd be cheating on my wife.''

The star - real name Benjamin Drew - also said he's not interested in looking for a ''soul mate'' at this stage in his life, and doesn't want to string people along.

He explained to Q magazine: ''I haven't met my soul mate yet, but I'm not looking for it. Not at this other great thing that fills me with such warmth and happiness, my art. I could string girls along, lie to them, but I'm a gentleman. I've got too much respect, not just for women, but for f***ing human beings to do that.''