Placido Domingo is working to raise awareness about hearing loss and is helping bring the latest technology to those in need in developing countries. The tenor has teamed up with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra for the global effort, called Hear The World. He explains, "Music is my emotional need. I therefore feel sad for anyone who cannot hear music. "Science has made incredible strides in helping people with hearing trouble, but the majority of the world's population is still unaware of this fact." Hearing aids will be delivered to poor children in the Guatemalan jungle; hearing-challenged youths in Pretoria, South Africa will be taught how to function alongside hearing classmates; and children in remote parts of Fiji will be tested for the first time. Domingo adds, "There seems to be a stigma about being hard-of-hearing. Let's consider the difference between seeing trouble and hearing trouble. "No one gives a second thought to wearing glasses in order to improve sight, but too many people would rather ask five times, 'What did you say?' than wear a hearing aid."