Review of Shame ( Island Records) Single by PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey - Shame ( Island Records) - Single Review

PJ Harvey


( Island Records)

Fiery cynicism has never sounded so endearing or compelling, even when you know what you are going to get from PJ, you still end up being astounded and surprised even on her latest foray into the murkier and seedier side of Love. The most ardent romantic will have trouble resisting the piercing logic of the Dorset songstress;

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‘Shame, shame, shame; shame is the shadow of love.

I jump through you into the fire.”

Slow and thumping instrumentals cast an eerie shadow over PJ’s ever crisp, authoritative and ever so slightly hounding vocals. ‘Shame’ is taken from her recent UhHuh Her album that has seen Polly Jean regain her righteous place at the summit of feminine indie renaissance, ahead of the likes of Carina Round and Thea Gilmore who have much to be grateful to PJ for. But then again, don’t we all?

David Adair