Pixie Lott thinks drug takers are "Losers".

The 'Gravity' hitmaker is amazed at how easy it is to buy illegal substances but insists she has no

no desire to experiment with mild-altering narcotics.

She said: "It's crazy nowadays because there are drugs everywhere. And not just in the industry. So going to a party and doing drugs isn't a symbol of success to me. It's the opposite. It's actually really loserish."

"I've had so many opportunities where I could've done it but it simply doesn't appeal."

However, although she would never consider taking drugs Pixie admitted she loves to have a few drinks with her friends.

She told The Times newspaper: "Alcohol? Yes I drink with my friends. I think if you've got alcohol, I don't see the need to do anything else."

Although the 19-year-old singer does want to set a good Example for her fans, she also thinks it is important to be a normal teenager.

She explained: "I wouldn't want to put a bad example across to the fans. Neither do I want to portray a fake squeaky-clean image. I'm just trying to be natural and show what it's like growing up and then the fans can relate to you."