Pixie Lott wants her own fashion line.

The 22-year-old pop star has previously collaborated with Lipsy and online store ROCK 'N ROSE, but she is now eager to have her very own collection.

She said: ''I do really love fashion, even designing dresses like this and picking out fabrics, so I would like to [do more fashion]. But I'd like to do it solely by myself rather than a collaboration.

''It just takes up a lot of time and obviously I'm focusing on the [new] album at the moment. But I would to do more in the future.''

The 'Nasty' singer is inspired by '60s style icons such as Brigitte Bardot and Edie Sedgwick and loves shopping for vintage fashion in London.

She revealed: ''There's loads of vintage shops around east London, like Brick Lane, especially on a Sunday. And in Spitalfields Market, they have a vintage sale that's really good.''

Pixie admits that buying second hand clothes can sometimes have its downsides, however.

She explained in an interview with the new issue of Bliss magazine: ''I love buying vintage, but I feel like sometimes it has that horrible musky smell, so you have to wash it a few times before you wear it. But it's funny to think, 'Who owned this? Was it a nice person? Was it a nasty person?' You don't know.''