Pixie Lott has encouraged women to ''free the nip''.

The 26-year-old singer has voiced her support for the gender equality campaign that argues women should be allowed to show their nipples in public.

The 'Mama Do' hitmaker said: ''There's nothing wrong with nipples. Everyone has them you know.''

More broadly, Pixie thinks women should celebrate their figures, irrespective of whether they have ''amazing big breasts'' or not.

She told The Sun newspaper: ''We should champion all shapes and sizes. Some people have amazing big breasts and some people don't and look amazing.''

Pixie is poised to marry her model boyfriend Oliver Cheshire later this year and the singer has revealed she intends to take his name.

Explaining her thinking behind the decision, she said: ''Pixie Cheshire doesn't sound right but my real name is Victoria. Victoria Cheshire is better. I'd have to stay as Pixie Lott on stage but have Victoria Cheshire on legal stuff.''

Earlier this month, Pixie admitted that she and Oliver have their ''ups and downs'', but she has no regrets about settling down with her first boyfriend.

She shared: ''I have no regrets at all. It is quite beautiful - all the memories and all the experiences we have shared. It's nice to say you're with your first boyfriend. If it feels right, why change it?''

And the blonde beauty can't wait to have children with her beau as she has ''big family values''.

Pixie explained: ''I have big family values because I'm so close to mine. I want three children - I always think three is a magic number, perhaps because I come from three.''

Pixie also admitted Oliver took her by surprise during their first encounter.

The singer recalled: ''I saw him across the room and he was so well dressed and I thought he was going to sound really well spoken. But he was cockney and completely chatty, not what I was expecting at all.''