The All About Tonight singer has been playing Audrey Hepburn's famous movie character Holly Golightly in the touring stage show since March (16) but she has stepped away from the role for six weeks because it was taking its toll on her.

“I needed a break because it’s so emotionally draining," she tells Britain's The Sun newspaper. "Afterwards, I’d just cry. If I’d have done it the whole time I’d have driven myself crazy. I’ve had crazy dreams, nightmares."

Pixie, who learnt guitar for the play, didn't feel any pressure stepping into Audrey's shoes and hasn't watched the 1961 movie since she knew she was playing the part.

"I can’t even think how Audrey does the role now and I sort of did that on purpose because I don’t want to copy anyone, I just want to live her (Holly) for how I feel and how she relates to me," she told the Press Association.

British actress Emily Atack is now playing Holly until June (16) when Pixie returns. The 25-year-old singer will make her West End play debut when the touring production stops at London's Theatre Royal Haymarket on 30 June (16) for a 12-week run.