Pixie Lott will get married next summer.

The 'Mama Do' hitmaker has tentatively set a rough date for her wedding to fiancé Oliver Cheshire but is happy to wait for as long as it needs so she can make sure she can give her nuptials the full focus she wants to.

Speaking on the AOL BUILD Series, she said: ''I want it to be either July or September next year. That is the aim. But it literally has been non-stop recently.

''I don't want to just wedge it in, shoehorn it in somewhere because it is a big deal. So I want to have time to properly focus on it. So yeah when it calms down a bit, but it's just been so busy. But my Mum organised my sister's wedding in six weeks and it was amazing. So that gives me hope.''

Meanwhile, the 26-year-old singer previously revealed she would like to have two weddings.

She said: ''I've always said I wanted to have two weddings - to the same person, obviously. But I'd like a massive one in England and then a really small one somewhere hot, in a different county. I just love stretching out celebrations as much as possible.''

And Pixie hasn't ruled out the possibility of having children but wants to wait until she's much older.

She added: ''At some point [I'd like to have children]. But not soon - there's too much to be done!''

The blonde beauty - who recently dyed her locks bright pink - has been looking for houses near her family in Chelmsford, Essex.

She shared: ''I've started to look near my sister in Chelmsford because I need to get a house with more space. I'm in a really small flat that I've had since I was 18. It's just not enough space, so I'm starting to look at that. But I'm just casually looking, I'm not in a rush. It would be nice to have somewhere with space for sure!''