Pixie Lott gets her fiancé to cook for her because she's ''terrible'' at it herself.

The 27-year-old singer has revealed she's severely lacking the culinary skill, but admits it doesn't hinder her day-to-day life as she has her fiancé Oliver Cheshire, 29, on hand to whip up something ''healthy and nutritious''.

She said: ''My fiancé is a great cook, which is handy because I'm terrible. For breakfast he'll whip up something healthy and nutritious, like avocado on toast with some fresh fruit. My beauty regime isn't too crazy, I just make sure I cleanse ad moisturise my skin with Linda Meredith products before putting my make-up on. I also drink loads of water throughout the day to make sure I've got a healthy glow.''

The 'Mama Do' hitmaker might not be too savvy in the kitchen, but she does have one rule when it comes to food: Treat yourself with a glass of prosecco with lunch.

She revealed: ''I love a prosecco with lunch. You have to treat yourself sometimes! If I'm super-busy I'll grab lunch on the go, but if I'm having a more relaxed day, I'll meet pals for a catch-up in a restaurant. I'll definitely enjoy a glass or two of fizz if I'm not singing the next day.''

And when she has time to relax with her hunky model fiancé - whom she has been dating since 2014 and got engaged to in November 2016 - the pair love binging on their favourite TV shows.

Speaking to Fabulous magazine, she said: ''I'm obsessed with 'First Dates'. I also love 'Black Mirror'. Oliver and I are so busy that when we get an evening together, our favourite thing to do is have some quality time lazing around watching telly. We'll hit the hay at 11pm. Thankfully I'm pretty good at going straight to sleep.''