British pop star Pixie Lott has no plans to relaunch herself as a sexy singer like Rihanna, because she worries her grandfather would disapprove of a raunchier look.
The Mama Do hitmaker boasts a huge teenage following, and she is keen to continue setting a good example with her music.
She tells Britain's The Sun, "I just don't think I'd feel comfortable doing lyrics like that (Rihanna's). I'm just like 'wow' at some of her stuff. But if she's not writing every lyric and she's still happy to do it, fair enough...
"Different artists do different things and you have to feel and look comfortable doing it. It totally suits Rihanna. She is amazing but even if I wanted to do that, I just couldn't.
"I can't imagine playing that kind of stuff to my family. My grandad gets a copy of my album and I wouldn't want him to hear me like that. He watches the shows and stuff. For fans I like to leave some things to the imagination."