Kate Nash finds current female singers "damaging" to music.

The 'Foundations' hitmaker - who is set to release her new album 'My Best Friend is You'- insists the current popularity of acts such as Pixie Lott and Little Boots is a "false image" because the singers are marketed as something they are not.

Kate ranted: "I actually think it's so damaging when I hear people saying, 'Oh it's so great - all these young female artists are doing so well.'

"I'm like, 'No, because big manufactured labels think that's what sells.' So they invent a bunch of pretty girls to do something alternative and build their indie careers when they've been signed to a major the whole time.

"It's annoying that it's seen as a good thing when it's as bad as before when there were no girls - because the image that is being sold is false."

Despite her comments, Kate admits to being a fan of some mainstream pop artists because of their honesty.

She said: "I don't mind shiny pop people, I don't mind Girls Aloud because they don't deny who they are and you're not in danger of buying into something that's not real."