Pixie Lott won't leave home without accessories.

The 'Cry Me Out' hitmaker feels uncomfortable if she hasn't teamed her outfit with large amounts of jewellery or flowers in her hair.

She said: "My fashion mantra is make it your own. You can take a simple dress and put personality into it by adding your own little touches.

"I won't leave home without accessorising. I don't feel right without rings on every finger, an armful of Bangles or flowers in my hair.

"My jewellery box is full of Disney Couture, Rock 'N Rose, Tiffany & Co and trinkets that belong to my gran."

Pixie has vowed to expand her wardrobe for the summer by experimenting with different colours.

She told Now magazine: "My summer style resolution is to inject more colour into my wardrobe.

"This season is all about bold colour blocking and clashing brights, so I've just bought a pair of colour pop blue wedges. I have more fun with fashion when the sun's out."