Pixie Geldof has been ''working hard'' to cope with her sister Peaches' death.

The singer and model is mourning the loss of her sibling and it is said she has ''thrown herself into'' a solo career as major record labels begin to bid for her talents.

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday newspaper, a source said: ''Pixie's thrown herself into her work to get over the death of Peaches.

''She's working hard to keep her head down in the zone and staying focused.

''In fact, she sees it as a tribute to Peaches, who was so into music, that what happened will inspire tracks for her debut.''

Meanwhile, friends were reportedly concerned after Peaches - whose death was ''likely'' linked to heroin use - admitted she was worried she ''could easily relapse'' into drug addiction.

A friend revealed: ''Every day was a challenge for Peaches. It's the same with anybody with an addiction.

''We'd talk about it on Skype, or on Viber, and she would confess from time to time that she could easily relapse.

''She didn't want to, of course, but sometimes she would become overwhelmed by an incredible urge. She was still haunted by her mother's death and that was something that still caused her pain every day.''