Pixie Geldof, daughter of poverty activist and one-time pop star Bob Geldof, celebrated her 17th birthday with a wild party in a local pub.

Despite not being legally allowed to drink in a pub for another year, Pixie was spotted having a knees-up with friends at the Portobello Star in London's trendy Notting Hill.

However, the pub is a far cry from the normally glamorous surroundings chosen by celebrities, as it is mostly filled by locals and regulars.

An insider told the Daily Mirror: Our source reveals: "Pixie wanted to keep it as low-key as possible so that's why she chose the boozer, which is a bit rough and ready and not where you'd expect the usual showbiz suspects to hang out."

Just how many paparazzi the youngster was expecting to turn up is unclear, although older sister Peaches Geldof was present, along with pointless rock singer Donny Tourette.

However, the CELEBRITY Big Brother flop was more interested in slating Peaches than celebrating her sister's birthday, say the sources.

"Donny started banging on to all of Pixie's friends about how gorgeous Princess Beatrice is and how she's so much hotter than Peaches could ever be," one told the paper.

27/09/2007 16:19:10