Pitbull has his father to thank for sparking his interest in performing, after he brought his young son to local pubs to recite poetry.

The Give Me Everything hitmaker was just five years old when his dad instilled in him expression through art, and he used an unconventional method to bond with him.

In an interview with U.S. newswoman Meredith Vieira on Thursday (18Dec14), Pitbull recalled, "My dad would take me to a pub and would put me on top of the bar. He told me to recite poems by Jose Marti, and that was the first time I had really seen how powerful words were.

"My mother was always told me, 'The pen is mightier than the sword, be careful what you write, be careful what you say.' So when I sat there and said poems about freedom about revolution, about fighting for what you believe, about standing for your roots, your culture - the people would lose their minds.

"So this is what words could do to people. That was the first time I figured out that I wanted to be touching people one way or another."