Pitbull is a ''dirty, nasty gentleman''.

The 31-year-old rapper - whose real name is Armando Pirez - believes the best way to treat a girlfriend is to be attentive and protective, while also be open about sex.

He said: ''I've a very solid old-school mentality; the woman orders first, I open doors for women. But I'm like a dirty, nasty gentleman. A woman wants to feel protected and provided for, but at the same time she wants to feel like a woman when you're making love to her. Foreplay or whatever.

''It's best to have a relationship with someone where it's open, where you can say, 'What's your fantasy tonight? More than a girlfriend or a wife, I want a friend.' ''

The rap star also defended some of his outrageous lyrics, insisting it is important to be entertaining.

He explained to Q magazine: ''You don't want a rap that goes, 'I'll meet you at nine o'clock and we'll do it missionary, done my nine fifteen.' You don't want that s**t.

''The funniest s**t is, even though there be a plan, it may not plan out, but somehow, it plans out.''