Singer Pitbull fulfilled his obligation to Facebook fans by performing on the remote Alaskan island of Kodiak yesterday, after vowing to play in any Walmart store in the country during an online campaign.
A Twitter campaign soon followed his initial promise to perform anywhere in the country, egging on people to vote for the Kodiak edifice - one of the chain's most remote stores.
The small island, known mostly for it's grizzly bear population rather than human pop - which is around a mere 6000 - honoured the Miami-born singer upon his arrival with a 'bear survival kit' and the key to the town. Locals and the mayor of the town he visited, also called Kodiak, greeted him and his entourage upon their arrival.
He later took to Twitter to thank the town and his fans for their reception, saying: "Thank U (sic) Kodiak, I am honoured truly."
David Thorpe, organiser of the event, also flew up to the most northerly state with Pitbull, posting pictures of the day online -which are viewable on his Twitter.
The 'On The Floor' singer will be returning to more conventional concert venues than remote supermarkets when he performs at his next concert, which is in Atlanta, Georgia, tonight (31 July).